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No proper governing of Administrative issues is the prime concern with Indian sports. Non-Involvement of ex-sportsman in administrative staff. Lack of sporting infrastructure. Poor facilities by government. Lack of job security
Goods and Services Tax, a strong taxation system was introduced on 1st of July in India. Every product including aerated drinks, tobacco products, gold etc that was being imported or exported across the country was now committed
This is a topic which provides ample scope for dialectics. One can argue for and against it.One of the best examples is Bill Gates who went on to become the richest man in the world despite dropping out of hid education. Closer home we have the example of Dhirubhai Ambani. What a person learns and what he really wants to do has no correlation many a times. A person succeeds only if he likes what he does.The argument for education will be that , in practice, it is your marks and qualifications that opens doors for you.While one can become successful without education, education brings about a richness in one's life. One is able to appreciate many facets of life due to the extended knowledge that education provides. It opens a new window and provides a different perspective towards things, ability to distinguish between ethical and unethical, moral and amoral
This is again a topic where we can have for and against arguments. There are many examples of great visionaries and leaders in business who have succeeded without any formal management education. People have simply done it by their will, passion and desire. But management education has also produced many bigwigs. A management education gives a perspective towards analysis and problem solving.It enables one to take decisions in a scientific manner , it enables you to handle the stress and strains of a demanding job
In my views indian eduction is best. Because they conduct many exam as well as practical exams. If the is very weak they will conduct special class and take care about student.I also agree in foreign country gives a good education but compared to our education is a good a way of approch.
The present system of education, Introduced two hundred years ago by our British masters to suit their requirements, has out lived its utility and hence must be replaced with a new one to answer the expectations of the 21st century. We no longer need just cheap clerks who could speak and write English during the British rule and did the pen pushing for them so that they did not have to import high salaried clerks from England. We instead need to equip our future citizens with the knowledge and capability to realize their potential to the fullest extent possible and produce more--both physically and intellectually.
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