Economics & Business Group Discussion

  1. Merits of the cashless economy:

    Cashless economy saves our time and also it is easy to transfer money one to another. Also, we save the paper.


    It's harmful because of hacking. We have to aware of the account information that couldn't be shared with anyone.
  2. Minting coins or printing of paper notes require money, which is an expense for government or central bank like RBI. If a transition is done from cash to cashless transaction then there would be huge savings for the government and lead to strengthening of our currency.

    It also brings transparency in transactions and disables the provision for money hoarding and tax evasion. Also since the banks have more money with them, this leads to lower rates of interest which leads to easy availability of loan and greater economic development.

    The main demerits of a cashless economy is the risk involved in hacking of our personal wallets or accounts. Also there is the risk of erasure of the money records from our account in the event of war etc by powerful foreign governments which could lead to crippling of our economic systems.

    Therefore in order to get the benefits of cashless economy without any drawbacks we must ensure for the safety from hacking or attacks by terrorist or foreign govenrments.
  3. Merits of Cashless Economy:
    1. It does not need to carry cash with him or her everywhere which in turn reduces the chances of theft from the wallet.
    2. It saves the time and paperwork.
    3. We can transfer anywhere in a few seconds in the world from one to another place.

    Demerits of Cashless Economy:
    1. Only educated people can do these things.
    2. Good internet connection required.
    3. We should have very careful while doing transactions.
  4. Merits of the cashless economy:

    1. Time can be saved.
    2. Every paise can be counted.
    3. No transferring of cash from one bank to another.

    Demerits of the cashless economy:

    1. It cannot be handled by uneducated people.
    2. Hacking of accounts may lead to loss of money.
    3. Smartphones are required.
  5. First, let's have some glimpse about merits-
    1. Wastage of materials used for making notes will be avoided.
    2. The flow of money cycle in that country will be smooth.
    3. The invention of new technologies for online transactions which will create job opportunities.
    4. Black money of no use.
    5. Will get the products cheaper when online shopping is done.


    1. Unavailability of technology like internet all across the country.
    2. All don't have smartphones so they rely on cash.
    3. Non trusted and unsecured sites for online transactions.
    4. Transactions fails many times.
    5. Ritual beliefs like Dakshina at temples etc
  6. Merits-

    1. Every transaction can be recorded.
    2. Money can be transferred anywhere in a click.
    3. The individual will have details of every transaction.
    4. Tax revenue will increase.
    5. Corruption will reduce
    6. Reduce human efforts i.e. individual don't need to go in a bank or ATM.
    7. Electricity bill or other bills can be paid on time.
    8. There is no chance of robbery.

    1. People in rural areas are unaware of internet
    2. The transaction can be hacked.
    3. Most of the people from the rural area don't have bank accounts.
  7. Advantages of Cashless Economy:
    1. Minimizes risk of theft
    2. We can Pay our bills on time by using paytm, phonepe and any other apps
    3. Safer and Efficient
    4. We can do transaction anytime, anywhere.
    5. By using Digital Transaction by can have proper record of all our transactions
    6. Reduces chances of black money
    7. Reduces paperwork
    8. Saves time.

    * Disadvantages of Cashless Economy:

    1. Non-Availability of cash in all the ATM's
    2. As we all know the rate of illiterate people in India is high, so there will be a problem for villagers as they don't know how to use technology
    3. One of the main disadvantage of cashless economy is network problem, when we are in the final stage of transaction and there occurs a network problem, the amount will be deducted from our account but the transaction fails due to network problem
    4. Fear of cyber hacking, by this fear people get confused whether digital transaction is safe or not.
    5. Unawareness of the digital transaction.
  8. Merits of Cashless Economy:
    1. Timely payment.
    2. Minimised risk of theft.
    3. Safer and efficient.
    4. Reduced load of Banks.
    5. Easy to pay even a non-rounded figure.
    6. Need not to ask for a change to everyone around.

    Demerits of Cashless Economy:
    1. Poor services of Cellular companies.
    2. Non-availability of cash in all ATM's.
  9. erits of the cashless economy:

    1. The consumer can do transaction easily and from anywhere.
    2. It'll consume less time in making payment.
    3. There will be a proper record of all the transactions in digital format.
    4. Black money will be reduced.
    5. Govt. Can collect tax easily.

    Demerits of the cashless economy:

    1. The illiterate people cannot do the transaction in electronic form and there is still a huge illiterate people in India so this can be a major problem.

    2. There will also be a problem if the network is not properly working and the transaction comes to an end in midway and in this case, the money from the will be deducted and the payment will not be successful so this is also a major demerit of cashless economy.
  10. Merits:

    1) By using digital payment every payment was recorded and it requires tax for transactions.
    2) Increases the revenue status. Because easy mode of pay bills.
    3) Empower the citizens to take their subsidy from govt directly their account.
    4) Free from long queue.
    5) No need to visit bank Every time.
    6) No need to regular withdrawal for daily usage.
    7) Safe from rubbery.
    8) Saves expenditure of money for printing notes.
    9) No need of mediator for transforming money.
    10) Even 1rupee also transfer by digital payments. And secure.

    Demerits :

    1) maximum rural people are illiterate.
    2) Some are don't have a bank account.
    3) due to poverty some are not having minimum a/c balance. So their little amount of money will be taken as a penalty, so they are not interested.
    4) Fear of cyber hacking.
    5) According to the world bank, rural Indians are unable to open an account. And maintain bank balance.
  11. Advantages:

    It's a self-banking process.
    Self-banking process means money cannot hack by any person.
    People can easily access any part of the world.
    It can pay only by a card.
    We can purchase things through the card.
    This process will reduce the people of holding cash.
    It will increase the growth of the economy.
    It will benefit the peoples those who are living in village areas.
    Less time for all the payments and transactions.
    For eg:-fees, bills, online shopping, Etc.


    Urban peoples can't easily make money by their knowledge (they should have some practice for proper usage).
    This system should have proper internet facilities.
    Risk has involved in this process for hackers.
    Without knowing of account no the money will block.
  12. merits:

    * It is the fastest way of transaction.
    * No need to carry physical money with you now, so no more cases of theft, loss of money etc.
    * Can do transactions even on holidays, which is something that shouldn't possible without a cashless economy.
    * Can reduce the corruption, by some margin, as in some important transactions, the Money will be transferred into the bank account.


    * 1st of all it is new system altogether so, as you know not all people have the same mindset, so it will take time to accept this system.
    * This is will be easy to understand for the educated people.
    *Uneducated people might be called it weird.
    To conclude, I would say it is more beneficial to our country.
  13. Advantages:

    It's a self-banking process.
    Self-banking process means money cannot hack by any person.
    People can easily access any part of the world.
    It can pay only by a card.
    We can purchase things through the card.
    This process will reduce the people of holding cash.
    It will increase the growth of the economy.
    It will benefit the peoples those who are living in village areas.
    Less time for all the payments and transactions.
    For eg:-fees, bills, online shopping. Etc.


    Urban peoples can't easily make money by their knowledge (they should have some practice for proper usage).
    This system should have proper internet facilities.
    Risk has involved in this process for hackers.
    Without knowing of account no the money will block.
  14. Merits:

    The Cashless economy means self-banking process.
    It would be a good thing to develop our self and time-saving theme.
    Most of the thing banking so many people come and go the credit and debit process will be clumsy.
    Self-banking means like an ownership transfer and credits.
    The main problem is to avoid currency problems in atm machines to deposit money the big line is there and to spend more time, in this service is most useful.
    And educate our self and improve our levels and self-dependency like that.


    The disadvantage is all are not educated persons, that are not using this method.
    One of the most problems is "Hacking".
    They are own secure to the money.

    Ex: once you can log in this server after completion of your work definitely log out button to click and back to the page
  15. Advantages:

    1. With cashless economy people don't have to waste their time in the long queues, in the bank, waiting for the required transaction to be done.

    2. There will be no need to carry money to any place and hence there will be no risk of theft.

    3. The problem of change that exists for every now and then can be eliminated by the cashless economy.

    4. Corruption can also be reduced to some extent because all the transactions details will get stored in a database and there will be no risk of losing data because of having many backups.

    5. Criminal activities will also get reduced.

    6. The cashless economy will make India paperless economy and hence there will be a reduction in the usage of paper. This will, in turn, reduce deforestation.

    7. The transaction can be done to any account at any place and at any time.

    8. Nowadays whenever banks are closed or ATMs are closed people face lot of problems but if it is cashless economy this kind of problems will be completely eliminated as the transaction can be done sitting at home.

    9. It has made the shopping go easy as there is no need to carry money to every shop.

    10. At any time and at any place we cannot run short of money as cashless economy means carrying account along with ourselves.

    11. Are precious time will not be wasted anymore and we don't have to be physically present anywhere during the transactions.
  16. Merits:
    1. No need to stand in a queue.
    2. Easy to transfer money one account to another all over the world.
    3. 2 way authentication made it very secure.
    4. Time Saving.

    1. it is effortless, making people lazy.
    2. Chances of failure due to the low-speed internet.
    3. Take time to refund when transaction declined.
    4. it is not for everyone.
    5. not useful everywhere.
  17. Cashless Economy is good for everyone in these days. We don't need to standup in que of bank for transaction. It will also reduce corruption. Like before in every government scheme, there are lot of scandal which came. People didn't get the money of government Scheme. By this every person can save his time. He can easily transfer their money through mobile. We don't need to go anywhere. Cashless Economy is increasing day by day in India.

    For the success of cashless, We need to spread awareness regarding that in people. Cyber Security is also the main factor. Govt and private organization both need to improve Cyber Security.
  18. Cashless economy has both positive and negative aspects. It saves a lot of time that is wasted standing in a queue. Basically it provides ease of transaction. Also it removes the third party involvement in transaction and one has the data for his transaction. So, it reduces corruption also which is one of the biggest advantage.

    As well said every coin has two sides so it has some demerits too. Cybersecurity is one of the major issues with this. Many people are not aware of these things so they are easily cheated. Increasing awareness among people can reduce these issues to some extent.
  19. Cashless economy is a blessing in disguise for any developing country which wants to develop because it directly benefits the beneficiary without involving any third party. In a country like India where the corruption has imposed its roots from past generation because of which poor people have become poorer and hence this inequality gap has widened, cashless transaction is a 'must' thing to adopt.
  20. The Cashless economy has some positive side. At first ,we take cash for marketing. But now we take our debit card for marketing Nd forget the budget tention. We can easily transfer money from mobile to mobile. This is a very helpful side of the cashless economy. But there is a negetive side of this. For this cashless economy, our mobile number and Aadhar number is linked with our bank account. So we can easily be hacked by hackers. So I think the cashless economy is good for our country but the government should be more secure the process.
  21. Anyone can hack your account anytime we cannot use cashless economy until every citizen in India is properly educated about the ways of cashless economy. I think that keeping cash in home feels more secure for example if you try to order a washing machine on an online site and we do online payment we don't mind for money is gone or not which means earn money can be debited twice due to technical errors are our money can be deducted and order may not be placed so cash on delivery is the best option and we feel secure with this option so cashless economy is best when our cybersecurity increases and every citizen is well educated about how to use cashless economy it is good otherwise when when old people and poorly educated people use cashless economy they have the risk of being cheated thank you.
  22. From my point of view, the cashless economy is a better gesture for India so we all should do the cashless transactions with this we are doing lots of fair things with our country too. As the cashless transactions will be the transparent mode of payment and it increases the range of taxpayers which helps the government in revenue generation we have another benefit also it reduces the fake currency and control on black currency. In Sweden, 99% population uses the cashless mode and now many other countries looking forward towards a cashless economy.
  23. I feel that the cashless economy need to be implemented in India. As people cannot Carry much amount with them, where ever they go. By this online transaction are made easy, online exams are conducted, reduction in usage of paper, as only 50% of people make use of it, by the year 2020 it can be made compulsory. The demerits in it is that there are still illiterate people in India, who cannot transaction the money.
  24. Positive aspects:

    1. Reliable and time saving for the transaction of money from one user to another user accounts.
    2. Transparency at the governance and individual level ex: many government schemes or fund benefit can be directly put into the beneficiary account.
    3. Control on corruption to some extent.
    4. Mitigation in the environmental issue (use of paper to print money or some time metal also).
    5. Availability of money transfer system for 24 * 7 hrs.
    6. Increment in the Security causes decreament in the risk.
  25. Negative aspects:

    1. Many people are not aware about cashless economy so they are unable to use it.
    2. Literacy is a major factor because it is the primary need to operate it.
    3. Chances of failure of transaction and will take more time in refunds create unwanted annoyance in people, But it happens sometime.
    4. Less probability of hacking of data.
    5. Unavailability of internet connection create a barrier in cashless economy.
  26. According to me, the cashless economy is good but it is not successful because it can be used only educated people but if I would like to say about many uneducated people and they so work daily salary based and they don't know about how to use anything like debit card and any other applications it can be very difficult so it can be demerits for our contact people it should not be done.
  27. In my opinion, India is one of the devoloping country in the world. We are the responsibility to make our India as developed country. Cashless economy is one of the most important thing for that. We should accept the changes made in the society and learn how to make use certain things. About cashless economy, there are also some disadvantages. Because it's harder for illiterates available in the society to use the facilities. And also many adavantages are there like transfering money in a place where we are, no need carry hot cash, safety will be more, reduction of black money etc.
  28. Cashless economy is an essential part of our Indian economy now, because lots of transaction are occured online with the help of upi, internet banking and other apps.

    Indian govt working on improving cashless economy because with the help of this we can improve our GDP and everything will become transparent, but till now there are some demerits which may minimise in future.

    These are some demerits of cashless economy.

    1. Its is not secure enough.
    2. All data is on cloud so it can hack easily.
    3. It is not spread over rural area.
  29. Do you think is India really capable of cashless technology. As there are the majority of people live in rural area. There is a big issue in the area there may not single atm or even there is no range for mobile then how they learn to how to transfer money using UPI or buy some goods with paytm. This major demirts for cashless India. And merits are we can get discount by the online transaction, we no need to carry money every time so its safe.
  30. It is wonderful to discuss. 2 years back I have a mobile and it is only for playing games chatting with friends and spent time on social sites. But when the cashless transaction started. I use my mobile totally different now. I can pay electricity bills, I fill the online forms and do the transactions very easily. And by it, corruption is also Less. But there are issues in rural areas people don't know about the cashless economy and. In cashless transactions. There is an issue of security. But this problem is solved nowadays. So, Only one issue to educate the rural areas people how to use these platforms.

  1. As digital India is not the only beneficiary to us but it also benefits to the app consultants because it's platform to those to earn more money as by digitalising our country there were many benefits as the technology is updating many people know how to convey with others as in digital India there were many options as we can transfer money, shopping online but the drawbacks was the shopping online doesn't give much happy there were only some online shopping which were profitable.
  2. Yes! it is very beneficiary like you can book tickets, make payments and also gets rewards like cashback (its a different thing that you got a little but something is better than nothing). But every coin has two sides. If we take case of shopkeepers who sale electronics stuff, clothes, or shoes etc they are in big loss. Why would anybody especially from urban areas or an educated person would buy any such thing form the shops whereas he/she can buy online with more options, and less money and there are offers also. Digital marketing is a game of big businessman. So, we can say those people are losing their employment and everybody know the scarcity of employment in India.
  3. The idea of digital India has changed many lives in rural and urban areas ahead. Generally, we can determine the word digital India means in a symbolic and right way of doing things. Each and every aspect is going in smooth and secure side of bright things. It is helpful not only for the youngsters but also for the adults. So many of them don't even know how to use the computer but today everything is going on digital manner. We can sit comfortably in one place and we can able to book the flight tickets, movie tickets, bus tickets, we can take doctor appointment and also we can go through our own transactions at home by sitting in front of a smartphone or personal computer. For education purpose, digital India is providing lots of benefits for the students who are not having the facility to get the study. It is providing the best ideas for the people who are facing the problem of unemployment. Nobody is facing the problem with digital India. All are loving it and the people want to use every transaction in a digital way which is safe and secure.
  4. In industry the business deal is in very large amount, so it is not possible to go always with cash. Or at the time of international deals also it is not possible to go with cash, so at this time we can use the different apps for transactions like phone pay, Paytm, pay pal. So the digital India will be beneficial for us.
  5. Merits:

    1. Save time.
    2. Transaction can do anytime anywhere.
    3. Transparency in process.
    4. No paperwork so we save trees, happy environment.
    5. Go cashless.
  6. Demerit:

    1. Online fraud.
    2. Hacking.
    3. Sharing bank details.
    4. Old citizen doesn't trust easily on this process.
    5. Rural areas doesn't get the benefit.
  7. Digital India it is one of the major steps taken by the government. It help our country to grow as a developed country but as it's said every coin has two faces similarly there are both advantages and disadvantages. As we all know India is a country of villages and many villages do not know what digital India means so first government should make sure that everyone and every village of this country has knowledge about it and we all know digital India is not possible without the internet there are places where there is no such proper facilities so govt should ensure that every facility required in this area should be available everywhere in the country not only in developed areas.
  8. Digital India is leading to a country where the thing was so complicated, Complex and difficult. Being Digitalised County doesn't mean only paying bills. Bookings, Online shopping, Etc but the main aspect was the education and that has been completely justified by this concept. Students who can't pay huge amounts of money are now able to get information education training and many more by Just sitting at home.
  9. Digital India is a concept introduced by the central government but it does not give any improvement and in rural side, all they know about digital India means smart card for ration shop likewise they think so on. They don\'t have a brief knowledge about it because of the fault of the government to give a wide knowledge about it. They only focus on the development of the developed areas and said that we have developed so many things in our period and so on. But so many people have severely affected by this system unless they know.
  10. Digital India is best concept for our India to change developing country to developed country. It is most use for urban areas who are risiding. Because they don't have banks, atm machine, shopping malls. By using this digital India. They will do the transaction, without going bank and shopping, order from anywhere of the world. By this, we will do anything avail for money it is easy and save money.
  11. Getting digital is a bigger step for developing nation but we should not forget that we have a larger portion of senior people also. Senior people are not ready to adapt to changes occurring in our nation going cashless makes their livelihood quite difficult. Considering all nation we should go in hand and hand.
  12. Digitalization is the approach used by Indian government to make Indian economy independent. Every transaction like money transfer, purchasing, selling etc done on smart phones and nowadays almost everyone uses smartphones. The problem of carrying cash get solved by various applications like Paytm, phonepe etc. Black money get so curb by government by keeping security on each transaction of everyone. In upcoming years the whole economy will get Digitalize. No one has to depend on other person. The time of standing in Question in banks for transfer and get cash has also get saved. As every thing has porns and cons and every coin has two faces so Digitalization has also demerits but these demerits get resolve by taking some actions like the hacking, leaked Personal information, forget login id/password etc. These can get solve easily by taking some preventions.
  13. The government of India took wonderful decision that is digitalization. Nowadays almost everyone using smartphones and by making digitalization easy to make transactions. Different mobile application's used for digital transactions that would be reliable and fecibility. Everyone should aware of these digital transactions and save our time and also stop corruption.
  14. The people who have awareness about this digital transaction they should be educating others who they haven't known about technology. In every bank before digitalization, there was paperwork and takes more time for the transaction and also deposit the money but now these problems will be eliminated. This is one of the useful technology for India definitely India will be as soon as possible create wonders.
  15. I would like to express my views about the topic i.e. digital India and whom it does it benefit. So acc. To my personal opinion the step taken by the government is very intellectual and productive as the people can have the transparency in their transaction and can monitor all their money and also they don't have to wait in a queue for their number to come all they have to do is to go through the app and pay with more feasibility. With the help of these technologies the effort of the people's reduces, less paperwork, fast and easy access, government can have a eye on every transaction, reduces black money, corruption etc.
  16. As we all are aware that after demonetization in India digital transaction has increased and the one who is well aware of smartphone and technology are using application like patym, phonpee, Google pay, bhim, MobiKwik and many more like this but as we know that only the youth and the educated person who mainly live in metro cities or urban areas are only using digital transaction and getting benefits.
  17. So we can say that the majority of people are not using digital payment and not getting the benefits of the scheme digital India. So it's the responsibility of Indian government and educated person to spread awareness regarding digital payment and it benefits because if we want to go completely cashless then our whole population must use digital payment and must aware of how it's work and fraud related to it.
  18. Digital India- the word itself describes the positive innovation done by the Indian government. Digital India helps us in many ways as we are in 21st century, we are so busy in our professional life that we don't get time for paying our bills, EMI etc, by using digitization we can pay our bills and do other transactions smoothly without wasting time. By doing this we can also have a record of all our transactions. And it also reduces crime of stealing. We can also increase the rate of skilled people by giving digital training to illiterate and villagers.

    It reduces corruptions.
    It reduces the crime of stealing.
    It reduces paperwork.
    Saves manpower.
    Saves Time.
    Increases rate of skilled people.
  19. We also get to buy train tickets, things and other important documents through online transfer method.
    Not only we save time, we also don't have to travel to the various offices and stand in big lines and wait. All we have to do is open websites at home on our mobiles and computers and perform the tasks.
    It shows we are advancing with time.
    So it does benefit the people as well as the nation as a whole entity.
  20. Digital India is an initiative that will benefit the entire nation as reduces corruption.
    Saves time,
    24x7 availability no need to wait in long queues,
    Reduce cost incurred by the bank,
    And it Can be accessed anywhere highly beneficial for financial inclusion.
  21. Definitely, nobody will against of digital India, because it is always helpful for each and every person of India even though the smartphones villagers are learning new things like money transfer etc. Digitalisation is a pillar of the economy and cashless transactions are one of the examples. Some points to be considered.

    1. Reduced corruption.
    2. Save manpower.
    3. Reduce paperwork.
    4. Saves time.
  22. Nowadays in India digitalisation is increased no more and more. India moves up-to 28th rank from 36th rank. Digitalisation has made the everything simple like online payments, registration etc. Now we need not to wait more in bank for transactions. There are several options like paytm, BHIM about gateway etc. The government has to provide more and information about digitalisation to the villages of India. They have to provide public shows. Digitalisation benefits more and more to the young generation. Now, they have not to wait much they can do everything digitally. At last is the need of generation it has to increase more and more but at the limit.

  23. Digital India is supposed to benefit all, but India can't achieve its goal unless we can eradicate the huge economic barrier between the rich and the poor. Much the same way as the internet can help corporate employees, students, lawyers etc. , it can be a huge boon for labourers, farmers. The Internet can become the gateway for farmers to learn better farming techniques and improve their productivity by a large scale. However, currently, it is unable to reach the economically less well off people.
  24. For every thing, there will be some advantages and disadvantages. Let's discuss some disadvantages of digital India:.

    1. Small retailers in India deal only with cash and have not been able to invest in the digital infrastructure.
    2. Very high amount (funds) is required to implement digital India plan.
    3. Uneducated people cannot able to understand.
    4. Though software can be developed for this, yet the software can be easily hacked.
    5. Digital Communication has completely ignored the human touch and personal touch cannot be established.
    6. The establishment of Digital Communication causes degradation of the environment in some cases. "Electronic waste" is an example.
    7. The vibes given out by the telephone and cell phone towers are so strong that they can kill small birds. In fact, the common sparrow has vanished due to so many towers coming up as the vibrations hit them on the head.
    8. Higher power consumption is required for digitalization.
  25. Merits.

    1. Peoples do smart work rather than hard work (use of the internet).
    2. Availabilities of things in villages also (online shopping).
    3. Information and news easily spread with the help of social networking.
    4. Almost everything becomes transparent.
    5. Ant many more merits.


    1. The security issue is the main demerits of digital India, everything is in a cloud so it is easily accessed by the hackers.
  1. every person physically strong in our life. In future, the sports in India is very huge on young people, nowadays the young people must and should lead to improving India's best on Sports.
  2. Future sports will be developed surely. Because in this generation young peoples are most participated in sports. In future, sports will be main part our life. This is important part and career of our life.
  3. According to me, sports plays a great role in our daily life. It is one of the ways to make yourself physically fit. But in the present era, most of the people is not able to get enrolled their names in the sports because of the lack of infrastructure and lack of motivation. For this, the government must organize a motivational session to encourage the person to get enrolled in the sports and provide the good facilities to the coaches and to the sportsperson as well.
  4. There are lots of hidden talents and natural talents being hidden in India.

    One reason what our country people fail to do is. Stop showing interest and they don't come out of their comfort zone for what they want everyone need everything to be easy.

    The next things the government lags in giving proper support to sports men there is no proper coaching. They bring politics inside the sports.
  5. The day when politics entered sports the respect of sports has lost.

    No proper infrastructure no proper support to the students.

    One example what I can give is there is lots of categories in Olympic weightlifting. But my question is why only mirabhai chanu is representing womens India in Olympics in there are many women and men's for other categories as well who are capable to to perform in their respective weight categories so there should be a proper planned ministry for sports and it's recreation.
  6. sports is very important our life and our health also. And too important for girls and many opportunities are there sports field. Many games are hidden in our country. That sports warming are so helpful for our health. We can maintain our body control.
  7. In the future, every child learns games and sports during childhood days. Every child in India they acquired skills and participates for our nation. But give encourage to them and so much confidential about their games and take medals to our nation. So many skills hide in the rural people but politician didn't give chances to them if given the chances. Then future of sports in India is inspired throughout the world.
  8. the future of sports in India is very bright. As we can see sports like cricket, football, hockey, Kabaddi etc are the sports which Indian prefers the most. IPL in cricket gives the opportunities to the new players to show their talent. Pro Kabaddi is the new league in India was started to promote this sport in India.
  9. Future of sports in India is bright provided some facilities being provided to the sportsperson. There are lack of infrastructure, lack of motivation, lack of support from the family and from the government.

    Government should provide good facilities to the coaches and to the sportsperson. They should provide funds to them. Sometimes inspire of having talent a person is unable to perform good due to lack of sports kit, proper training, and support. There is not even a single national institution for sports which can motivate students to take sports as a career option.
  10. I think students should be encouraged from the beginning itself about the sports, and the fame associated with it. There should be a sports period every day from the primary school itself. So that every child can play and identify their talent in sports. If the conditions in the sports field is good they can look onto sports as a career option. The poor financial condition is also one of the major cause for not having enough candidates in sports. Whenever anyone chooses sports, he /she thinks twice whether he/she can earn a living through it or not. Sometimes they are the only feeder in their family so they have to give up on their dreams. There is also politics in national sports federation, the whole funds do not reach to them.
  11. The future of the sport in India is very bright. Because people are aware of to make a career in the sports era. And nowadays government of India taking my initiatives to search a sportsman in all over part of India i.e. Recognizing Sports as an Industry, providing proper infrastructure and all necessary facility to people, providing a fund to all sports. And now the Indian sportsman doing well in all format like as Indian cricket team, hockey team and the Indian football team doing well since the last 2 years and the all Indian teams doing well/good in all format.

    But there are the many difficulties which are as:

    1. Doesn't provide proper infrastructure because govt provide all necessary details because mediators doing the fraudulent activity.

    2. Corruption: people who are eligible don't get the opportunity because of politician power.
  12. In the ancient period of time, our country India has a large contribution in the field of sports. At that time kabaddi and kusti were the most popular game in which a large number of players play these sports. Nowadays, many of the physical game and sports attract our young generation and they took interest in their favourite sports. As we talk about the "future of sports in India " then this sentence give unique identity future to our country. Day by day India made his identification among the world ranking of sports. Either in the field of cricket or in the field of hockey India has no 1 position in world top ranking. Our young generation much interested in the field sports. But they really need to good facility and better infrastructure.
  13. The future of sports in India depends upon the youth and the upcoming generation. India is a diversified country and people of the different region took interests in different things. India should create a bright future if the proper training schools, Infrastructure provided in a better manner. We all know Hard work is the key to success but for that hard work, we need those facilities also because without a proper facility one cannot develop their skills. So India can really perform well and go ahead from where it is now and can really create a bright future in sports. If every school give proper interest for sports from the primary classes and they include it as a part of the study so it really gives a good impact on our country that whom of the students are interested in sports and they will work in the sports from primary classes and can really lighten the name of our country. But one thing I want to say that our country belongs to a major rural population so apart from the urban population if we put efforts to develop those rural areas. They will take part in everything and really make a bright future in sports.
  14. We have proud to be an Indian. In India future of sports is very bright.

    Nowadays we all seen that sports are very popular and in the sports future is very bright not for only richness but for representing India. We all know in many stream of sports very talented players represent India.

    Most of people and parents are thinking sports is not good and there is no future. They only force their children for doing a study and not allowed to go for sports.

    Sports is very important for health. A healthy body is also required sports and work out. Nowadays people only watching TV playing video games they are not taking initiative for sports.
  15. As we are here to discuss such a crucial topic, in my opinion, we should first look into the obstacles that the Indian sports is currently facing. Though India has achieved a big success in sports, the no of athletes who have achieved this success is too less. Why is so? Don't our country have enough sports enthusiastic students? Or there are some other reasons? If we look into our educational system, what we can see is there's no specific institute in India for sports enthusiastic youths. Many of the sports enthusiastic students in India don't follow their passion because of lack of funding, lack of proper infrastructure and lack of other facilities. Though we have sports quota in govt job, the seats are very limited. If we can establish a proper centralised institute for sports and proper scholarship system for the students, many of the sports enthusiastic students will turn up, and they will think to take sports as their career. Cricket is already getting much helps. Through the infrastructural facilities, we can encourage other sports as well. And in this way, I hope India can get more Mary Kom, more syna who will be representing India in an international platform and will glorify our nation. And there will be a great future for Indian sports.
  16. I have a mixed opinion on this, I feel the future of sports in India is Bright provided certain criteria is fulfilled.

    Lack of infrastructure, lack of motivation and lack of funds will always remain the reasons which will pull us down.

    As per my opinion, the population is the biggest drawback and an advantage for us.

    As a disadvantage:

    1. We just don't have evolved as a country which shines brightly as a sport, we have to feed our poor and ensure they are living in better houses. All in all their basic needs are fulfilled. i.e Food, shelter and clothing.

    2. Even if the funds are allocated after fulfilling the above needs, the sports federation, right from the top to bottom fight for their share. i.e. corruption playing its role. So the attitude has to change right from the top. We have talent and manpower, but how will we nourish it if we don't have the right tools and infrastructure.

    3. The third opinion is why do you want to play or pursue sports as a career. There is a saying try to do what you love or you will be forced to love what you do. So when you start playing or pick up a sport, do you think that this will feed my family one day. We always compare ourselves with the Olympic medalist, do you understand the amount of hard work they put in to stand on that podium. The feelings of feeding the family are distractions which never allow one to succeed in their arena, that is when you are afraid and you give up. Winning a gold medal is beyond this. This is just an excuse that I am poor who will feed my family, are first put in the effort and win than think of feeding them.
  17. Our soldiers join forces out of love towards the nation, they know about the risk involved but they still join in.

    So, I feel that the future is sports in India is complicated, unless until the attitude of the people change about sports. The corruption has to end completely, then we can think about providing facilities to our big population. Else population too will become a hindrance.
  18. Future of Sports in India is not good. Our country is reliant on traditional education techniques and we don't focus much on overall growth of the youth. For example, in schools there is only one games period per week, therefore the youngsters have limited career option & they don't think out of the box.

    Some movies like Dangal, Bhaag Milkha Bhaag gave motivation to the students and some of them now took certain sports as their career options.

    These things should be taught up in schools so that the Child can choose from a variety of Career Options.
  19. I must say India is a country with a billion people and yet our contribution in sports is very less. India doesn't lack in talent, it doesn't lack in hard work but lacks in support. Support from family support from the government.

    Many talented players quit the sport and start working somewhere to help themselves their family because they find their problems and greater than their dreams.

    No support no facility from the government makes them even more easy to quit on their dreams.

    But apart from cricket, very fewer games are there were India had achieved much.

    But now the position and stand for sports is charging people are coming out with determination and will. The government also started many schemes and programs to help sportsman. Many sportspeople in numerous fields had achieved miles.

    If I start quoting them here list will not end.
  20. The future of sports in India is bright. Why I am saying this is that, If we discuss the past history of India, we are very much fond of cricket. Even though oru national sport is hockey we consider cricket as our favourite sport. Even though we have other sports the models that we were respecting and trying to imitate are from cricket only. That was something pathetic. But the things have changed and in a changing course. Now we have role models in each and every sports. With the advent of isl the football in India has strengthen their stats. Saina Nehwal and pv Sindhu has done so much to branding the game of badminton. These all some good signs which shows the sport in India is bright.
  21. I think future of sports in India goes to the right way. Some years before in our country gave the priority only cricket, but now beside the cricket govt as well as private organization come to help the other sportsman's and provide the facility for training diet and also get the job. But this is not enough I think if govt as well as private organization are spent some big amount of money then the sporters are showing better performance and enlighten the name of India in world.
  22. How much fund is given to Indian cricket player as compared to kabbadi player it's show that only cricket is popular game and other game is going to down people have less attention towards other so we have to active our all game instead of only cricket.
  23. The government along with other private sectors have taken huge responsibilities in lifting the level of sports. India this year have won a record no of medals in Asian games. Private sectors are giving a handful to the govt by organising tournaments and bringing out raw talent from remote parts of our country. But the phase of being a raw sportsman to a professional is very difficult. It is here where the Govt needs to look up rather than after a professional wins any event.
  24. Sports are liked by everyone as they are good for health and also a leisure activity. No other sport in India is as much popular as cricket is but other sports are also gaining popularity nowadays like football, kabaddi. Sports industry is developing with increased manufacturing of sports car (though it is low as compared to the production of other cars). We can see Indians participating in Asian games, Olympics etc and they perform excellently. Their participation and performance makes India and their family members proud. Thus, encouraging more people to join sports and make a career in it.
  25. Now, our Indians are showing utmost interest on sports. In Asian games, the crew is performing in tremendously. We got many medals in this Asian games as compared to the past 3 times. But we are in the last position in the points table. This is because of lack of infrastructure, financial crisis to the person who is willing to show their talent.

    Our India got talent to do everything, but we need perfect coaching for the particular sport or game. Because of this, our youngsters are stepping out of their interest in sports. When they grew up they need to earn money, they start searching for jobs and leave their interest on sports. Exactly they will become busy. So I think this is the main problem for our country's development in sports.

    As our country has 70% of youngsters, we can do miracles in sports. Our government should make use of these youngsters and let our country's name and fame fly high.
  26. I think we should forget the idea of India is good at sports because they play good cricket. Because most people think that cricket is the one mainstream sports in this world. Its because of the lack of curiosity on the other sports and the lack of guidance on sports like football and many other. The government should take action in finding out the talented players by organizing the sports programmes on rural areas and also providing the perfect coach who are actually passionate about the sports. In India we have lived up to the restrictions provided by the parents as to prioritize the education over the sports more which has led to many inborn talents and many dreams so I guess the parents themselves should motivate thier kids when they are actually passionate or enthusiastic over something new.
  27. There are some issues which need to be addressed:

    1) Lack of infrastructure.
    2) Lack of Sports schools, especially in rural areas.
    3) Lack of sporting culture.
    4) Politics in National Sports Federations.
    5) Insufficient funds.
    6) Lack of incentives to sports persons.
    7) Low salaries of Sports Coaches and staff in the sports field.
    8) Becoming a sports person is expensive for poor and lower middle class because it requires costly sports equipment and years of dedicated hard work.
    9) In India, employment opportunities in the sports field are very much less, when compared globally.
    10) Lack of concurred sports culture in India.
    11) Lack of quality equipment, and no proper coaches.
  28. The present situation of sports is definitely better than before with the introduction of leagues for neglected sports. But, there is a need to develop India as a multi-sports nation. This can be done through talent search programs, thereby finding talents in especially rural areas as there is no exposure to even the talented, finding unrecognized sports disciplines, creating awareness about different sports, providing opportunities, organizing games and events to nurture it. Multiple sports must be concentrated and worked upon instead of the selective few ones.
  29. I think India have great future in sports. As we know India is the second largest country in population. But we are getting very less medals in olympics it is because of no proper guidance about sports. Government of India should also concentrate for development of sports. And sports is also one of the source to develop the country. Parents in India are forceing their children to study. They are not at all interested to send their children towards the sports. They think that education is the only key to success. Parents should incotage the children to go towards the sports. We will get lot of opportunities in getting jobs. And we have good reservation in sports.
  30. First of all, we have to discuss how to increase attraction about other games instead of cricket. Just think how cricket is more famous after coming of IPL. So for increasing attraction about other game our gov. Should pass some society in which experinced people share their experience and initiate like IPL. Many games have started (ex:PRO KABBADI, HIL, PIL etc) popular but we have far away from that mildstone where all the games all attract just like cricket. We can see people are exited we any player won the medel (ex:HIMA DAS IN ATHLETICS) we only see that time when that person won the medel than after we forgot that game so looking the future of any other games than cricket our government should launch app of soccer games, kabbadi, badminton on play store and ios and give prize to people who score best.
  31. I don't think the future of sports in India is good because of the following reasons.

    1. There is a lack of infrastructure and lack of encouragement for sports in India.

    2. Low salaries of sports coaches and staffs in the sports field.

    3. Also, due to lack of nutrition in children from the lower class and lower middle class these children are not fit for sports because for sports people should be physically as well me mentally fit.

    4. Due to the lack of job opportunity in the sports field in India. If someone failed in sport, he/she has to face struggle to make living in India.

    5. Becoming a sports person is expensive for poor and lower middle class because it requires costly sports equipment.

    6. Indian education system more focused on studies rather than sports.

    To overcome this, parents should encourage their children in sports.

    The government should provide good facilities to sportsperson and also encourage them.
  32. I think Indian sports have a great future as you can see Hima Das and other athletics and sportsperson giving their best for country. And very well said "hardworking pays".

    And also government Helps sportsperson by giving incentives and government Jobs sometimes it may take time because of procedural difficulties. But sportspersons have a great future.
  33. In my point of view, sports means different games but in India only cricket is popular that doesn't mean India has good players in cricket and other games also little bit popular like hockey, football etc. If they perform well the India popularity wiil know to world. So govt take an further steps evolove the sports in all ways and enhance skills of players or find them use in proper way, if you build today we wiil enjoy everything in future so my opinion is the future of sports is depends present that depends on government if government do all the required things and encourage everyone one who are interested in sports increase their level and countrys level throughput the world.
  34. As per our convenience, you are right, India have not much ranking with other games. And as you said govt has not taken any steps, How could you say this? because As we seen women shows interest in cricket that's why govt gave chance to they. And also given the best support, coaching also. So, If who have a real interest in sports they can talk with the respective department.
  35. India used to perform very poorly in Olympic. Many times people of different countries make joke also as such huge country got 2 or 3 medals. Why?

    The Performance of Indian cricket team is very well as its IIC raking is one in ODI. But what about other games. Future seems to be same as current scene. The government has not taken any effective steps yet regarding other games. Future of our sportsman is not secure, because they do not get a better job after their gaming age. They are also not paid well. Therefore, many good sportsmen leaves their carrier earlier due to either family pressure or lack of money. The facility of a coach is also very poor in the gaming centre, unlike other countries.

    Future of Sports is in hand of government and youth of our nation. Most of the youngsters are busy in finding jobs or don't want to do hard work. To Compete with other countries, we have to follow their trends.
No proper governing of Administrative issues is the prime concern with Indian sports. Non-Involvement of ex-sportsman in administrative staff. Lack of sporting infrastructure. Poor facilities by government. Lack of job security
Goods and Services Tax, a strong taxation system was introduced on 1st of July in India. Every product including aerated drinks, tobacco products, gold etc that was being imported or exported across the country was now committed
This is a topic which provides ample scope for dialectics. One can argue for and against it.One of the best examples is Bill Gates who went on to become the richest man in the world despite dropping out of hid education. Closer home we have the example of Dhirubhai Ambani. What a person learns and what he really wants to do has no correlation many a times. A person succeeds only if he likes what he does.The argument for education will be that , in practice, it is your marks and qualifications that opens doors for you.While one can become successful without education, education brings about a richness in one's life. One is able to appreciate many facets of life due to the extended knowledge that education provides. It opens a new window and provides a different perspective towards things, ability to distinguish between ethical and unethical, moral and amoral
This is again a topic where we can have for and against arguments. There are many examples of great visionaries and leaders in business who have succeeded without any formal management education. People have simply done it by their will, passion and desire. But management education has also produced many bigwigs. A management education gives a perspective towards analysis and problem solving.It enables one to take decisions in a scientific manner , it enables you to handle the stress and strains of a demanding job
In my views indian eduction is best. Because they conduct many exam as well as practical exams. If the is very weak they will conduct special class and take care about student.I also agree in foreign country gives a good education but compared to our education is a good a way of approch.
The present system of education, Introduced two hundred years ago by our British masters to suit their requirements, has out lived its utility and hence must be replaced with a new one to answer the expectations of the 21st century. We no longer need just cheap clerks who could speak and write English during the British rule and did the pen pushing for them so that they did not have to import high salaried clerks from England. We instead need to equip our future citizens with the knowledge and capability to realize their potential to the fullest extent possible and produce more--both physically and intellectually.
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